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Tips on what to do if you fall overboard

Posted on Tue September 28, 2021.

Mossel Bay Boat Adventures has been operating since 2008 and no one has ever fallen overboard during that time. But accidents do happen and we always take all the necessary steps to ensure our passengers’ safety. But “What if?” you ask.

Here are some handy water safety tips in the unlikely event that you fall overboard;

  • Before we walk to the pier for a boat adventure, our crew will help you put a life jacket on. Make sure it fits tightly and fastens correctly. Ask the skipper questions if you are unsure of anything.

    Life jackets must be worn before walking to the pier

  • Prevention is always the best tip. Make sure you follow the skipper’s instructions to remain seated on the boat, hold on the bars provided and don’t stand up when the boat is in motion. Remember Freaking Fast Wave Rider goes FAST!

    Remain seated and hold onto the bars provided

  • If you do fall overboard, remain calm. Don’t panic or thrash about in the water. Your life jacket will keep you afloat. 

  • Our skipper will quickly get you out of the water but you can help by  bringing your knees up to your chest and keep your arms crossed, hugging your lifejacket.

  • If you fall overboard, try to get as much of your body out of the water as possible and try to grab hold of the boat or any other floating object. Try to stay with the boat.

  • Remember there are many hands on board that will help pull you back onto the boat.

    We love the ocean and especially swimming in the sea but on a boat trip, to enjoy the experience and the marine life, it’s best to follow the safety rules. After your boat trip you can join us for a splash in the sea on the #FatBoysBlob where you can get your friends to launch you into the water.