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December 2020 - Grateful 'in spite of'.

Posted on Fri January 15, 2021 in December 2020.

A Heartfelt thank you to all our customers and staff, smiles and faces 'behind our Boats & Blob'.

We are very grateful, as always, for a relatively good season. In spite of tourism businesses that were severely restricted and impacted by the fact that

* the Garden Route was declared a Covid Hotspot

* Garden Route beaches were closed for the public

* and all the other Covid related restrictions.

But we still kept on 'keeping on' and in between literally hundreds of Freaking Fast Waverider Speedboat Trips, White Shark Parasailing, Big Tube Rides, Fat Boys Blob jumps and launches, and Seal Island Family Trips we hope we've managed to create some good times and great memories for friends and families that supported us - deciding to end this difficult year in high spirits (without alcohol off course!) 

What stood out for us was the crowd participation, enthusiasm, and loud cheers that echoed from Harbor restaurants upon a really good/high Fatboys Blob Jump/Launch! It added a celebratory vibe to our harbor happenings and put a smile on many faces that have seen a tough year! We hope this new addition to our Activities family can become one of the  'must-see/must-do' attractions at the Mossel Bay Harbor.

The closure of beaches also led to more Big Tube Rides for those who just had to go for a dip in the sea. A roller coaster-like spin around the Indian Ocean trumped a quick swim anytime!

We also had a very successful launch of our new website and online booking system. We believe the Mossel Bay Boat Adventures Brand will help put Mossel Bay as a town and the whole Garden Route as an area, on the map as the adventure region/capital of South Africa.

Thank you to each and everyone that supported us this season and a special thanks to all our awesome staff....

Michelle (ticket office), Jade and Terhia (marketing), Franco & JC (Lifesavers/Blob), Dawie and Conre (Skippers Parasailing), Tristan & Alf (Skippers Freaking Fast/Waverider) Simeon, Rama, Marcel, Gurshwan, Jamil, Jaco (Boat Assistants) and Minolly & Chris for the in/out of Boats every day!

Keep watching our Social Media notices for weekly trips throughout the coming year!

We really wish you and your loved ones a safe and prosperous 2021!

Cobus and Cecile

Mossel Bay Boat Adventures